The company “Ashimo” specializes in the production and sale of household smart appliances or “smart” technology. Founded in 2011, it quickly became one of the leaders in the robotics market segment of Japan. In 2013, the company enters the European and American markets, and in 2015 – the Russian market. At the moment the company sells its products practically all over the world.

The company “Ashimo” has its own production and scientific and technical base, which allows implementing the latest achievements in the field of robotics and producing high-tech home appliances. The assortment of the company includes hundreds of different names.

One of the most popular products of the brand ASHIMO is a robotic vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function and the possibility of automatic charging. Demand for this product has been growing steadily every year since Many housewives appreciated the new assistant. There are many brands on the market today, and it’s not easy to make a choice. What distinguishes the products of the company “Ashimo”?

Robot vacuum cleaner ASHIMO perfectly cleans both hard floor and carpet coverings, and can also be used for wet cleaning. This is a real vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction and a double system of side brushes. Due to its dimensions (height 8.9 cm at a diameter of 34 cm), the vacuum cleaner ASHIMO is able to get into any hard-to-reach places – where it is difficult to get to a conventional vacuum cleaner or another, more cumbersome, robotic model. The vacuum cleaner has a touch control, a customizable cleaning scheduler and a fully functional remote control, which makes its use even more convenient and comfortable. A lot of automatic cleaning modes ensure the maximum cleanliness of your home with a minimum number of operations. You just find the desired mode, run it, and the robot vacuum cleaner ASHIMO does all the work for you!

Particular pride of the company is the patented navigation system – a visual system of operational orientation and mapping (vSLAM), through which the robot as accurately as possible makes a route and avoids any obstacles.

“Ashimo” company constantly improves its products, due to which at the moment there are three models of the robot vacuum cleaner ASHIMO. The flagship is the latest development, the advanced robot vacuum cleaner Ashimo Flatlogic 5517. It’s safe to say that there are few analogues of this model on the market.

Choosing the technique of ASHIMO, you do not just buy a vacuum cleaner. You get a reliable and safe home assistant for many years, and also what is sometimes more important than money – free time for yourself and your family.

Product Benefits

Low noise level

Cleans hard to reach places

The minimum necessary components

Built-in “smart” computer

High quality cleaning